Robbers – Drive Like I Do

Recently all of us seem to have written something very current but today I thought I would treat you all to some music from a few years back when Alternative Rock was unstoppable. It was time when Fall Out Boy were dominating in the States and here in the UK, bands like the Arctic Monkeys were making a huge impact on music.

Drive Like I Do are quite possibly the strangest alternative band I have ever encountered. They are so strange because virtually nothing is known about them. After surfing the internet yesterday to find out what I could, I can tell you that the band were a four-piece rock group from Manchester. The band recently split up after they supported acts such as One Night Only. The band was, and still is, extremely well-known in the underground rock music scene and, to a degree, part of what makes them so well-known is how little people know about them (if you see what I am getting at).

You cannot buy the band’s music but the song Robbers coming up today will be available to download here since it is the only way for you people to get hold of it! The song is typical of the time it came out in, with fresh ‘poppy’ guitars and a ludicrously catchy rhythm and brilliant ballad chorus. This is a great track full of emotion and depth that has been desperately missing for the last year.

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  1. Came across these guys randomly a couple years back and completely fell in love with their sound. I remember seeing that they had a mere 300 friends on myspace and was really confused on why that was. Since then I’ve had their track Chocolate on many playlists of mine. I had just heard a couple months ago about the split and was extremely sad about this and saw that they removed their songs, let alone their myspace page. I would love to get the other one or two tracks but can’t find them anywhere. If you happen to come across any new download links, please throw them up!

    • They haven’t split, just changed to an as of yet unconfirmed name. They have toured recently with Little Comets

      • I have listened to these guys for years and have about 9 songs that have over this time been on the bands myspace player. I was told by Matt at there gig supporting one night only that the band is not splitting up but changing there name. He also mentioned a first single to come out sometime in September but this never happened. He also promised an album for the start of 2011 but i personally cant see it happening


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