We Stumble Down – Waiting On Jack

Scotland just seems to have a knack of producing great indie pop groups. It seems like every time I write it’s about someone from Dundee or Glasgow! Slight variation today though – Waiting On Jack are from Fife. I’ve wanted to write about the band for a long time now having found their MySpace around six months ago. Citing their influences as BIGSLEEP, Look See Proof & Underground Heroes (who support later this month), they naturally fit in well here (we’ve blogged all three)! They had three songs up there, one of which, She’s Not Right, was absolutely fantastic. It’s not easy to make it to second on my top played in iTunes but it’s thanks to catchy riffs, sing-along choruses and a great accents that Waiting On Jack are there.

And I’m delighted to say that we’ve got a pre-release single to put up from the talented young Scots. We Stumble Down is the band’s first single and won’t be out for another month (29th April) but the band have kindly allowed us to put it up for your listening pleasure. First things first, this is a great song. It’s got everything that She’s Not Right had except with some rock undertones – invariably a good thing. The chorus is great but I have to mention that I love the music as a whole. It’s inventive, exciting and goes so well with the vocals (which are excellent as always). The artwork is also great and this is every inch the real deal.

I know you might say that I am slightly biased being just the biggest fan of Scottish indie rock but if you listen to the songs you’ll know what I’m getting at. Scotland has become the hotbed of alternative music in the last couple years and as the genre looks set to make a comeback into the charts, Waiting On Jack appear poised to take advantage as their following just keeps getting bigger.

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  1. Connor Wells says:

    If you’ve seen Waiting On Jack i would advice it. Quality tunes when theres a crowd! great atmosphere!

    • Rory Speed says:

      ^^ All True, Definitly a band too watch, exceptional live performaces, on a constant bases, which too be honest, is what the live music scene lacks at the moment. 🙂

  2. Robert Struthers says:

    Fantastic band, amazing live too! Can’t wait for the single!

  3. Lewis Barnett says:

    Saw these guys at “Dexters” in Dundee and they were terrific. Up-Beat and great music for a night out! 🙂

  4. Kathryn Laing says:

    great band live 🙂 one to watch for sure

  5. James Law says:

    Great single, cant wait to hear them live!

    I’ve got the acoustic version of this for my college coarse 😛

  6. Jamie Flucker says:

    Amazing band! Great songs and live music. Atmosphere always brilliant at the gigs.

  7. Brodie Hamilton says:

    Great live band, definitely one to watch for the future. Check their facebook out.


    also on their myspace



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