Can You Feel It – One Night Only

George Craig - Lead singer and Model

Remember music in 2007? It was glorious. One Night Only released their debut, Started A Fire and it was everything that was good about Northern alternative music. Four lads from Helmsley were just making great sounding music and did exceedingly well with their first effort, critically and commercially. It was all terrific but pick of the bunch for me was Stay at Home, a song which really typified the style and merit of the year’s music (Joe Lean etc.).

Unsurprisingly though when the follow up, self-titled second effort came along last year, it only reached #36 in the charts with no chance up against the likes of Taio Cruz, Jay Sean and other ground-breakers (I’m being ironic). This despite lead single, Say You Don’t Want It being excellent in its own right, as well as featuring Emma Watson in the music video!?

But hopefully Can You Feel It, the new single to be released 8th August, will bring the boys back up to the top where they belong. It will debut in the Coca-Cola advert called Walls and the publicity will give the band a huge boost. The song itself is everything that you would associate with Coca-Cola and their “open happiness” campaign – it’s catchy, uplifting and just a corker of a tune. Coke have got extremely lucky in getting hold of such a perfect song for themselves!

George Craig may be modelling with Emma Watson at Burberry now, but he still knows how to record a radio-ready, indie rock masterclass. He’s also close to our favourites’ Big Sleep so I mean that’s like double points for the band…

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