Crawling Back To You – Daughtry

Fear not. I have returned. You were getting worried, I could tell. It’s okay though, I’ve managed to engineer a brief respite from relaxing in the United States over the holiday period to bring you a song that has been splashed all over American radio. We all know Daughtry. Their lead singer was contestant on Season 5 of American Idol, they’ve written notable hits such as Home and Feels Like Tonight, and they’re that band that has a song played constantly on the air.

Now if I’m honest, I don’t think I should like Daughtry. Musically, they are not refreshing. They are not anything new, or anything musically innovative. However, what they do know how to do is write a hook. And after the five of them dream up that catchy hook in their studio, they probably sit around and have a conference to concoct a song that will totally exploit that melody, and use it until it dies. Daughtry for me are a band that write raw melodies, and this song is no exception. Listen:

I do like Chris Daughtry’s voice. I think it fits the intensity of this song, and most of their others. Roll your eyes at this post if you’re in the States. You’ve heard this song too many times.


  1. I love Daughtry, and it’s true the one thing that’s unqiue about their songs are their words-the lyrics just get you hooked.
    I loved their albums-and my fave is ‘Leave this Town’ as for ‘Break the Spell’ am well, disappointed, guess I thought I’d love the complete album like I did ‘Leave this Town.’


  1. […] 2. Jonah is also back and blogging. He brought home a slice of American pie with Daughtry (pronounced daw-tree according to Wikipedia) with Crawling Back To You. It kicks in rather too quickly for my liking but it’s catchy and undoubtedly just works. Here’s the post. […]

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