10(0) Things I Love About Pop

This is my 100th post! I can’t quite believe it – time sure flies when you’re analysing Rihanna lyrics. In honour of this anniversary, I was going to make this a 100 point post. Then I realised I go to school and you know, sleep. Anyway, we’re got another present coming your way pretty soon and patience is a virtue. So I’m actually doing you a favour. Thank me later. For the moment, here’s some popular things in popular music this week. I live so vicariously.

1. Circle The Drain – Katy Perry

Boy, this has been a fast-moving week with KP and Russell. Things we know for sure: She cancelled her appearance at the People’s Choice Awards (what would have been her first public showing since RB filed for divorce) at which she is nominated for 7 awards. What we don’t know: Just about everything else. Is she flying back to meet Russell? Is she writing break-up songs? (if they’re all as sassy as Circle The Drain, let’s hope so!)

2. Glory – Jay-Z ft. B.I.C

Babyonce, or Ivy Blue Carter has been born. That’s practically old news, though. New news: Jay Z’s first song to his daughter, called Glory. It’s unbearably cute, pretty personal and a little bit vulnerable. Check it out:

3. Speaking of infants that are already cooler than me, here’s Popdust’s ‘interview’ with Blue Ivy Carter. Amusing.

4. And in other broody news: Slate compiled a list of post-partum songs. Happy ones!

5. Adele is moving in with her new boyfriend. (Another) collective ‘aw’, please.

6. KP sure won a lot of those People Choice Awards. People must like her.

7. Madonna’s new album’s name is out. Here’s news on the vowel-averse title.

8. Echoes of Silence – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s new mixtape is out. Here’s Alexis Petridis’ review. In a world where we know everything about everyone, I relish the mystery of The Weeknd. More, please!

9. The Brit awards are out and are the typical spread of hype, huge names and humdrum. Thus, Lana Del Rey, Adele and Ed Sheeran (respectively? You do the math.)

10. I went to see One Man Two, Guvnors (a birthday present) the other night and can safely say I’ve never laughed so much in a theatre. You were supposed to, they weren’t that bad. Anyway, there was a celebrity in the audience! Anyway, I’m pretty sure I can now say that I’ve watched a play with a member from One Direction! I’m still not quite sure what his name was, but here’s the behind-the-scene from their next video. I saw the blond one by the way, I don’t know where he comes in at the scale of cool in One Direction. Please enlighten me (quietly, no audio needed thanks.)


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