Hello Friend – Electric Skies

Oh how I’ve missed this type of music. With Look See Proof gone and Burial Club/My Vessel both having gone dark over the past few months, nothing has filled my guitar indie void. Until today!

Letters to Leaders were one of the bands a few years ago that, although part of the vast Britpop revival, elevated themselves beyond mediocrity with driving guitar solos and catchy songs. But they always were quite hard to follow (google Letters to Leaders – other stuff comes up!). But they were tip top and were one of the acts I was sadder about for disappearing.

Turns out though, they didn’t. In late 2009 they re-branded themselves as Electric Skies, a much better name, and are still going (Whoop). It’s taken me this long to find them which I only did because of their stunning song Hello Friend. Heart-felt and universally appealing, it’s one of the best songs to have come out of the genre recently. It definitely picked me up for the week so get yourself a copy of their album, Youth is Everything, now.

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