Daughter In The Choir – Meg Myers

Good things come in threes, you guys. And we’re rounding off two Meg Myers post with a third which is, suicide-prevention by Curb Your Enthusiasm-barred, the most exciting. Because, hey: Here’s a (free) EP. You can hop along to Meg’s website and download it straightaway. And go ahead! But wouldn’t it be fun to stay with us a while longer as we take a musical gander through Daughter In The Choir? Thought so.

This is a pretty special debut EP that gives a taster to Meg’s talent. There’s some angsty Alanis (on Monster), stalker-love (After You) and the boundlessly zeitgeisty-Ur So Gay (Tennessee.) The final track seems to present Meg as the gritty Selena Gomez or early days Katy Perry longing for their home-town days. There’s pretty much something for everything with ears. And it’s free. Happy Fridays. 


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