Chasing The Sun: Now With Added Video!

Chasing . . . The perfect pout.

The video for Chasing The Sun (which I reviewed a few weeks (days?) ago) was released a little while ago but I didn’t write about it for some reason. Possibly owing to this tweet from Nathan (he’s in The Wanted, you understand):

‘Some girls will never understand the importance of important football matches’

Well, yes clearly some girls will never understand the ‘importance of important football matches.’ But as will some boys (this writer included.) So unless Nathan From The Wanted is now our generation’s Arbiter Of Truthful Banality and his next tweet is ‘Sometimes I sleep with one pillow but sometimes two’ I’m going to object to his sexist  gender stereotyping. But Nathan From The Wanted is merely one fifth of The Wanted. And the remaining members of The Wanted (whose tweets I have admittedly not read) are all in the video for Chasing The Sun. As are vampires, some scantily-clad girls (because, of course) and some partying. All the elements you need  for a summer jam:


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