Young – Tulisa

Tulisa – so much better alone…

Screw journalistic integrity. Old Michael, if he recorded a video for future Michael would have warned about the path I’m embarking on right now (à la New Girl today!) but forget that. I want to follow my gut!

To be fair, I’m assembling a music routine for Friday where we are doing One Direction so at least I spared you all that. We also attempted Starships which Henry already blogged. We didn’t try Tulisa’s Young. I think no matter what we did, it was always going to sound awful so no matter.

I really never liked N-Dubz. Partly their name, partly Dappy and partly their ridiculous lyrics. Tulisa’s solo effort is much more likable. I like her (if we forgive her faux-pas a few weeks ago) and Young is a harmless pop song. Strong club beat and some enjoyably benign lyrics make it an easy ride to enjoy and a near certainty for number 1 this week.

Sorry old Michael – you’re as bad as Jonah when he did Ed Sheeran.

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