The Voice UK: Sweet Disposition – David Julien

I really liked what Henry and I did last week featuring a couple of the singers from The Voice who we found most impressive so we’re going to have a go at making it a little feature.

First off, I thought the standard was much higher this week than last. Although there were a couple of dud performances (Ruth-Ann), I felt there were far more strong ones. Bo Bruce was once again amazing and I found myself starting to root for her just a little bit. 

That said, she didn’t come all that close to last week’s closer from Ruth Brown. Nor did David Julien to be fair but he was pretty much on par with Tyler James last week so pretty much amazing. I may be biased, seeing as Sweet Disposition is one of my all time favourite songs but boy did he smash it!

Fantastic range with some really delightful high notes marked David out for me as the performer of the night and a revelation in for Danny as someone capable of keeping up with Bo

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