Breezing through my Summer playlist: fun., Andrew Bird and some rock.

Summer! Also: Get well soon, KoL

Exams are conspiring to make this the least fun few weeks of my life. That means posting is likely to become grouchy/irregular. I thought about just posting some playlists of mine over the coming weeks with a few comments. Then I realised that would be incredibly lazy. Then I thought, it’s still lazy but I’m going to do it. And as a reminder, we compiled a summer-ready playlist for you last year; it’s worth checking out. Enjoy these next few weeks. If you have exams, bear with it; if not, bear with whatever ‘it’ you have:

Kicking everything off is one of my favourite bands, fun. with a video that includes both fluffy dogs and LSD-level psychedelics. Naturally, I love it. (the bit with the box instruments is partix inspired):

Let’s tone things down slightly. Andrew Bird is always perfect for summer (Oh No starts about every other dinner party in my house) and his latest track is Eyeoneye is great. This is quintessential summer. Breezy enough that you don’t really have to listen to every word but clever enough not to slam your iPod by the poolside. Plus, Andrew was whistling way before Flo Rida:

And kicking things back into action, albeit lazy, southern action: Kings of Leon. KoL can always be counted on to provide a soundtrack for summer and Come Around Sundown was their most summer-suited record yet. This video doesn’t so much scream summer as announces in a persuasive, tempting southern drawl. That’s way better, in case you were wondering:


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  1. LOVE this playlist, spot on for summery goodness 🙂

    • Henry Ellenthorpe says:

      Thanks! Just checked out your site and it’s totally awesome! Will check it up more often – Henry

  2. The playlist is cool, tracks i can appreciate. I can’t pick first and third vids from here in Germany, something to do with intellectual rights. The tracks are categorized correctly as ambient / pop / rock. Refreshing ‘small talk’ write up perfectly balanced…none of this ‘hyping’ we see so much of today. Warm regards Bruce

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