Hanging On – Ellie Goulding (feat. Tinie Tempah)

Wow, I’m excited about this post today! Ellie Goulding has always mildly interested me, but I’ve never really fully gotten into any of her stuff. Today that all changes. She’s released a cover of Active Child’s Hanging On (something I covered ages ago because I’m so on the ball). Check it out after the jump.

I really love this song, and as much as I adore Tinie Tempah, I just feel like he really doesn’t fit on this track unfortunately. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of finding a version without him. Sorry Tinie, hopefully see you soon! Here’s the other version:

Ellie’s voice is beautifully dream-like and actually reminds me a little bit of The Weeknd. That’s certainly a path I think she’s capable of traversing, so I’ll be keeping tabs on her from now on to see what else she comes up with. Get it for free here!

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