Shrines – Purity Ring

Dead Ringers

Purity Ring’s Shrines is a mesh (not mess) of sounds and imagery. Which isn’t especially surprising given the Canadian duo’s penchant for creative independence. Roddick directs both sound and lighting while James cuts and sews the clothes for the band. This is a band in complete control of their sound and that’s why their bold leap into both the repulsive with the intimate, and the romantic with the deadly pays off. Check out the sound after the jump:

 There are cute vocals – deceptively cute vocals – that sing lyrics like ‘Cut open my sternum and pull / My little ribs around you /Through arms, or maybe under, under you’ as sweetly as a lullaby. It’s a fun double-act that plays out – but is not stretched over – the album’s eleven songs. Shrines unravels delicately and smoothly, embracing its bixarro-deathly tangents as though it were singing about teenage love. It’s sweet and sickly at the same time, while remaining delightfully, repulsively perfect. Its neighbour in recent album releases is Passion Pit’s Gossamer but it provides a different kind of intimacy, one that reaches out and envelopes your heart (and eardrums) and doesn’t let you go. 


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