Gimme Twice – The Royal Concept

Thank frack for Sweden. Not just politically but musically. At some point someone needs to sit down and do the math and show that Sweden has produced the best music artists per capita globally – I mean the SHOUT OUT LOUDS are insane!

And whilst The Royal Concept will still have to do a little more to woo me completely with their debut album out in October, they are already a bloody good indie rock band from the land (seasonally) without sun.

Gimme Twice, from their debut EP released in June on Universal Republic is a frenetic call to the dance floor. Although the song specifically makes mention to The Strokes, there are obvious comparisons to be drawn with Phoenix (a very good thing) but hopefully they will do more to distinguish their sound in the future.

You can nab yourself a free download of Naked & Dumb, a non-EP track, if you want more The Royal Concept and can’t wait for their LP in a couple of months time.

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