Ministry of Love – Io Echo

So Io Echo might just be the kookiest band to exist since the dawn of kookiness. I mean Zooey Deschanel may as well be Carly Rae Jepsen in comparison to these rockers. The pair, Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross, are from LA and seem to be on the up. They recently scored a small film in collaboration with James Franco (frankly, an idol of mine) and their new EP is being released soon. Read on…

Io Echo are based out of LA central. They’re a great little pair, and I’m starting to get really into their stuff. In fact, I just signed up to go and see them in a couple of weeks here in London! Their Tumblr is pretty cool and definitely worth a look, and that is merely confirmation of their total alternative edge.

Anyway, onto the song at hand. Ministry of Love is a total belter. I love the lo fi intro. The drums just roll in and you’re already hooked. There’s that haunting guitar lead which is then accompanied by Ionna’s amazing voice. It is absolutely ghostly, there’s nothing corporeal about it. I realise nobody’s voice is corporeal, but hers is really out there, I absolutely love it. The chorus builds and rises until her voice peaks, and my god does the song peak then. I love it. I am in the Ministry of Love.

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