Memories – Sambassadeur

First and foremost, can we appreciate that this is an absolutely phenomenal name for a band. The ambassadors of Samba, Sambassadeur, definitely have the funky tunes to back up their bold claim as the leaders of samba. Dive in, there’s nothing but trumpet flares and raspy hooks to entertain you here

Sambassadeur are a pop quartet hailing from Sweden. The band formed in around 2003, and they’ve named themselves after the old school Serge Gainsbourg song “Les Sambassadeurs.” They pride themselves on being indie pop, but I’m not sure that really does them justice. There’s a lot of funk to this band, and I do like the idea that they relate themselves to Samba.

You can tell this from the very outset of Memories. There’s already the horns coming in, and there’s that steady drum beat to lead you in. The layers to this song just work, there’s a great mix of noises and there is definitely a lot of depth to this song that isn’t necessarily noticed on the first play through. Then Anna, the lead singer, comes in with the vocals and we’re definitely feeling the funk now. Her soft lull draws you in, and the beat really seems to bounce off of her. There’s a magnetism to this song, if there ever was a top “foot tapping” song award, I know where I’m putting my money. Download it below!

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