9 Songs for Coming Down

Not naked, but famous.

I used to have a playlist – compiled by iTunes, I believe – called ‘Indie: Coming Down.’ It breaks every puppy-orientated string in my heart to tell you I can’t find this anywhere on my iPod or computer. When I downloaded it, I don’t think I quite understood the motive behind the playlist. I was going through a ’16 year old kid trying to get into Radiohead’ sorta thing and my playlist was going through a more ‘I’m so high that I need to lie down, pretend the floor’s a cloud and listen to Radiohead’ kinda thing. And I’m not saying I spend my life in the latter’s world – drugs are bad, y’all – but I definitely get it now. So let’s rekindle some childhood naivete and raise a glass (mug of tea) to those early morning hours when it’s too early to fall asleep and too late to play Nicki Minaj. Side note: I’ve kept this list free of U2, Frank Ocean and The xx but literally all of their albums/songs would be A-OK here.

1. Girls Like You – The Naked and Famous

Any of TNAF’s song could have made it onto this list but Girls Like You ranks in my top one of their songs. It’s got the whip-smart wit of The Virgins with the stripped-down spine of a song by The xx. Quoth Ron, ‘Bloody brilliant’:

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