Sex – The 1975 (EP Review)

The R&B infused indie rock of The 1975 has gathered support at an unrelenting pace over the past six months. With extensive radio 1 airplay for their first EP and critical acclaim, their sophomore EP has to live up to some high expectations. Find out if it does after the jump.

Sex is the second of The 1975’s trilogy of EP releases before they drop their debut LP (prediction:the third EP will feature both Chocolate and Ghosts).  It makes sense for the four-piece to put their biggest track on this EP, the magnificent title track, as it will sure to keep the hype surrounding them up. With that in mind, it presents a good opportunity for The 1975 to showcase some of the other aspects of their sound.

Unfortunately, these attempts don’t yield the same heart-stopping results. Whilst Sex is an indie rock song with substantial bite and only minimal use of R&B stylings, Undo and Intro both attempt a more complete fusion. This is not necessarily the wrong direction for the band but it’s a direction still in need of refining as much of what makes the band shine is lost into a wall of sound which lacks clarity.

One thing that is strong throughout the EP is Healy’s brilliant lyrics. Honest and effective, he delves into dark, lustful thoughts, familiar (to a varying extent) to most, if not all of us as well as tackling drugs and death. The EP’s surprise highlight comes from closer You. It’s sweet and simple, showing off the band’s outstanding musicality as well as their knack for writing a powerful chorus.

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