Need Your Love – Sol

The return of Sol to CYHT, and he’s equally chilled out this time, but with a far more romantic state of mind. Sit back and give it a listen, cos Sol needs your love.

Sol really has done well for himself since we last checked in with him. He’s currently out touring the States, and his mix tapes are getting a crazy amount of downloads right now. Life is definitely looking up for the man, and that’s gotta be part of the reason why this dude is so totally chilled.

Need Your Love is a welcome return from Sol, accompanied by Ray Dalton. Those initial few chords just let you know that you’re in for a treat here. We’re back to those lazy hooks that we got so used to listening to on This Shit, but here the emphasis shifts to a more romantic state of mind. The man is definitely a poet, and he just jams out here. Enjoy the ride, because if you kick back and relax, this will be the perfect end to your week.

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