What We’re Listening To: Edition 24

This’ll be the last time you see this one, folks.

This almost never happened! So let’s launch into the days of Decemeber thankful for a) this website’s organisation and b) the music we can’t stop playing.

Henry: After You – Meg Myers

I’m shocked by Elliot’s choice – have you been outside recently? – and am thus retiring into my winter playlists. I’m currently operation: Hibernation. That involves being pretty moody but happily returning to one of my favourite artists, Meg Myers. After You is perfect. I’m still searching for an explanation why it hasn’t exploded. It’s Adele but punchy, upbeat Radiohead.

Michael: The Greeks – Is Tropical

Our end of year lists are nearing completion and for every worthy winner, we’ve had to reject tons of other great music from 2012. The Greeks is easily in the top two videos of the year (but not top 1). The children playing out criminal drug activity is equally hilarious as horrifying.

Ammar: Battle For Middle You – Julio Bashmore

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the best songs of 2012 (for an upcoming feature) and in the process I’ve been reminiscing a little on the fruits of last year. ‘Battle For Middle You’ is definitely one of my favourite tracks of 2011, created by Bristol-born Chicago house master Julio Bashmore. It’s a perfect example of how to create a great house track, building up from that regular bass drum and wobbly synth stabs to a funky, tambourine-filled and bass-heavy hook that brings to mind some of the 90s greats. Have a listen and rave up your weekend a little:

Elliot: Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

Recently become a little obsessed with Brian Wilson and the whole Beach Boys movement sort of stuff (honestly, reading up on the ways in which Brian Wilson worked is absolutely fascinating). This track contains so many layers and levels to it, it’s a complete musical masterclass. Production values are only what they are today because of this record. Plus, it’s really catchy.


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