All The World (I Tell Myself) – Correatown

Yet more music retrieved from my HIMYM back catalogue, but I feel that this is definitely one that I need to share with All The World, or at least I Tell Myself that. (Stay for the song, not my awful use of humour)

Angela Correa, hailing from San Diego, decided her name was as good as any to name a band after, so upped sticks and headed off to Los Angeles with Correatown fresh off the press. This impressive singer songwriter has written songs featured in various emotional style dramatic sequences, such as in Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters but it’s her song used by the great minds from HIMYM that really is the top track from Correatown.

All The World is a brooding track from Correatown. I found myself reminded of it once again having listened to more of Burgh Island (see here and then decided to head back to one of my old favourite songs. It really is a classic, and the simple piano accompanies Correa’s haunting voice so beautifully. There’s a painstaking melancholy here, and I can’t help but drift away into some sort of romanticised day dream hearing about it. Dream away

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