2012 Countdown: Our Videos Of The Year


Ammar: About You – xxyyxx

I really don’t watch many music videos at all any more, rather than my childhood days of scouring the satellite TV music channels for my favourite songs, now all I get are weird photo collages on YouTube that fans put up for their favourite tracks, or just huge adverts before pretty much any VEVO video. Of the videos I have seen, though, “About You” sticks in my mind as one of the most ingenious and interesting. The video’s not really about anything (apart from attractive ladies smoking an unspecified substance behind animal masks), but it fits so perfectly with the song’s slow, tripping build up and it basically puts you in a trance with the stunning slow-motion visuals of billowing smoke and vinyl decks. Plus, conspiracists have cited this video as one of the main reasons why they think XXYYXX is a member of the Illuminati and that’s always a good reason to watch something.

Elliot: Magnolia – Lushlife

I only really discovered this song recently, but it certainly is my video of the year. With a meagre 9000 odd views on Youtube, it perhaps isn’t the most universally popular song/video, but it definitely should be. Using a budget of just about $80, Lushlife has managed to totally turn the game of music videos on its head. With more and more big budget videos coming out these days, it’s so refreshing to just kick back and watch a down to earth dude kick it with cardboard boxes on his head. Wait, what? Throwing the lyrics onto both his and everyone else’s heads is such a simple idea but it works so well, mixing up settings fitting his lyrics with him just generally strolling the streets. It all just fits together to give you a simple yet awesome video, and I love this little independent setting as opposed to some massive, irrelevant video (Maroon 5 and “Payphone”, take note.) Well played Lushlife, that was lush.

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