What We’re Listening To: Edition 25

This’ll be the last time you see this one, folks.

Christmas! Food! Presents! Welcome to the home run, festivity-wise. Here are this week’s most deserving tunes for your ears:

Henry: Young Man In America – Anais Mitchell

Christmas vacation is one of my favourite periods because hibernation is now socially acceptable, no longer a stigma. I get t curl up in an excess of blankets, coffee and listen to a lot of new music. Amongst my most recent listening is Anais Mitchell’s Young Man In America. Her 2012 album continues in the vein of folksy-poppy tunes that she’s neatly carved out for herself. And it’s a pretty great antidote to those heavy winter blues.

Ammar: Twice – Little Dragnon

I first heard this song in its remixed form by ?uestlove with an excellent vocal by Solange, using a four on the floor hip-hop beat and some classic rnb melodies. The original, however, couldn’t be further from the remix and is a testament to both ?uestlove’s skill and Little Dragon’s strong song-writing. The track is based around a slow piano melody that builds over singer Yukumi’s vocals about love and betrayal. And that’s beasically it; the beauty of the song lies in its simplicity and haunting quality and it shows that it’s not just Adele that’s capable of delivering an accomplished vocal, backed up only by a simple piano.

Elliot : Take Five – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

RIP to the great Dave Brubeck this week. The man totally defined the jazz funk era, and with that in mind I’ve been enjoying some oldschool tunes, specifically this lovely number. ‘Take Five’ is just a wonderfully classy song, rarely have I felt the need to don my velvet jacket and sip on some great brandy, but if ever there were a song to do that to, it would be this one. Take five, and sit back and kick it with the late, the great Dave Brubeck.


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