Silent Night – Elvis Presley

As classy as Christmas gets

As classy as Christmas gets

This is no fresh off the bat, this is some good old fashioned, classic Christmas music. The King always has a special place in my musical heart, and here he is crooning away. We all know the story of the King. Rose to fame in the 50’s, got in trouble with the goody two shoes of society for shaking those devilish hips of his on stage (God knows what would happen if these same people ever watched an Akon video…), lived the high life, died on the toilet. But the simple fact is, Elvis was the King. He re wrote the rule books. And he has an absolutely phenomenal voice.

Christmas songs are usually pretty pop based, in a bid to whip up a festive frenzy. This, much like the classic Fairy Tale of New York, is a more sombre affair, but it definitely is one of the most beautiful ones. Each word is said with such intensity and such passion, it’s hard not to be totally caught up in the whole Christmas feeling. So good tidings to you all, and get festive with the King.

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