Will your New Year’s feature Kings of Leon gigging for Abramovich? Mine neither.

Guaranteed to improve any social event by 18265%

Guaranteed to improve any social event by 18265%

If, just like me, you still haven’t sorted out your New Year’s Eve plans yet, I am sure that this is the sort of news that frankly angers you /makes you want to hijack a boat headed to St Barts.

So Roman Abramovich, just like Ron Burgundy, is kind of a big deal. He owns one of the biggest (and most hated) football clubs in the world, and as some previous transfers have shown, has money to throw any which way he chooses. With that in mind, he’s decided to spend a cool 5 million pounds on a mega blowout New Year’s Eve bash, where the Kings of Leon will play to his guests.

The 400 guests will be treated to some of the classics from the Grammy nominated quartet, and safe to say they will be getting a pretty hefty salary from this one off event. So stop moping about at the fact that you’re headed to some rubbish bar, and get making your millions. Who knows, you may have the next Kings of Leon playing at your very own New Year’s event in a few years.

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