fun. Usher in a New Era on “Sight of The Sun”

Sight of the sun(glasses)

Sight of the sun(glasses)

In which the band decide to cheer the fuck up.

A new fun. track, headed to the Girls soundtrack today, was supposed to feature on Some Nights but the original sample used could not be cleared. They scrapped that version of the chorus, and re-packaged it for the soundtrack. Which is great, because it’s a good song. But a shame when it would have been a really nice ending song for Some Nights. It’s drasically different in tone – light, sunny, casual – but would have made a cathartic finish. It sounds like a song they’d play at the end of a film. Ruess sings about settling down, having children over a light, gentle beat. You can catch a stream of the track over here at Rolling Stone. 


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