Beating A Horse – J Irvin Daily

Who doesn't love plaid?

Who doesn’t love plaid?


J Irvin Daily sings with a sensitivity and fragility that is totally reminiscent of Ben Howard. Not what I had expected from a song entitled about smacking some poor horse.

J Irvin Daily is an American folksy singer songwriter hailing from LA. His past is quite an interesting one, born in Illinois, spending years growing up in Colorado and eventually Spain, but it’s LA where he ended up and started to write this sort of beautiful acoustic music. Totally self taught, the singer uses simple chord arrangements as a backdrop for his heart wrenchingly good voice.

Beating A Horse is one of those songs that simply takes your breath away. There is no stand out component that differs it from most folk songs. There’s the simple acoustic guitar, and the same style of voice, but everything about it is just better. Each chord is that little bit sweeter, each note sung has that little bit more soul behind it, rendering each word even more powerful. This is a song that tugs at heartstrings and leaves you feeling a bit empty, but that’s ok, it’s a good empty. Prepare to feel a good empty.

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