Hold On – Alabama Shakes

Without anything specific to put your finger on, they're just cool.

Without anything specific to put your finger on, they’re just cool.


Alabama Shakes, having formed in 2009, are prepared to face quite the 2013. With 3 Grammy nominations, and a lead singer with a voice that draws comparisons to all the greats of the 60’s, is there much that can stop this band?

Forming in Athens, Alabama, this rock quartet come from humble beginnings. Their music is un pretentious, with this song being the embodiment of that. Lead singer Brittany Howard and bassist Zac Cockrell met at high school, and after Steve Johnson and Heath Fogg joined, the quartet were ready to conquer the musical world clearly.

I don’t know how it took me so long to find “Hold On”, but my word is it stuck in my head now. It’s those first few words, steeped in 60’s vibes and full of soul. The husky tones of Howard, accompanied by that funky guitar line which just goes and goes, totally draws you in, and it’s only when someone looks at you quizzically that you realise that you too are yelling along with Howard at each chorus. This song is an inspiration, telling us all to keep on going. Nothing will keep us down, but certainly, nothing will hold this band down, not least its powerful lead in Howard.

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