Will You Love Me – Matthew E White

That's one hell of a beard - well played Sir.

That’s one hell of a beard – well played Sir.


Matthew E White comes out here with a low, rasping, rumbling tune that “makes me feel all warm and shit” as someone so eloquently posted on the youtube link. Agree with me below.
Matthew E White is a vastly talented singer songwriter, hailing from Richmond Virginia. There seems to be a lot of great indie music coming out of there lately, and this 29 year old is no exception to the trend. His recent album, Big Inner, has been greeted with near universal acclaim, and the stand out track for me has to be here, on Will You Love Me. 

This is just a beautiful track, there’s no two ways about it. The man has an absolute command over his own style, cooly controlling his own tempo and rhythm to match his voice. I said it earlier, but this is a rumbling, booming voice which echoes out over each chord and note to leave you feeling a little hollow, and a little worried about our protagonist, but feeling richer all the more for it. This is a track that grows on you, time after time, and it definitely needs a few listens to get the most out of it. Do that. Now. Happy Thursday.

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