If I Ain’t Got You (MTV Unplugged) – Alicia Keys

Without a shadow of a doubt, she's nailing it here.

Without a shadow of a doubt, she’s nailing it here.

On July 4, 2005, Alicia Keys went to the MTV unplugged set, and absolutely destroyed it. If this song weren’t beautiful enough already, this unplugged version does a pretty good job at nominating it for the most emotion laden song of the decade.

My admiration for Alicia Keys goes back a long way, going from the classics such as ‘Fallin'”, to the recent belting performance at the superbowl (has a national anthem ever sounded so good?), and it is thus a bit of a shock to me that I only just discovered this wonderful version of possibly one of Keys’ best songs.

I think it’s important to note here how skilled Keys really is. The piano here may not be the most complex, but there’s no denying that she plays it beautifully. And her voice. Oh. My. Word. There can’t be a better natural voice, her range and her sheer power is astounding, and the scales she drops with her voice each time leave me attempting to replicate it (sorry neighbours). The addition of live backup vocalists really compliments her voice beautifully, and she shows so much passion and emotion here. If I Ain’t Got This Song, I don’t know if I really can justify my attempts to be a diva anymore…

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