Ben Howard, CYHT Loves You

Just a top bloke really

It comes as no surprise to any of my regular readers that I, Michael, and everyone in the world really, absolutely adores Ben Howard, so here’s a little celebration of our 2 time Brit awarded Devonshire folk idol.

Our first post about Ben came in June of 2011 when he first released Old Pine (still one of my favourite tracks to date). Michael clearly agrees, saying that it is “an absolute pleasure on the ears”. He does, however, fail to mention that I AM THE ONE WHO TOLD HIM ABOUT IT, AND HE STOLE ALL OF MY GLORY. I’m not bitter, just saying.

With his debut album, Every Kingdom, Ben rose to household fame. Upbeat, beautiful, and sombre at times, its range of inspiration via Keep Your Head Up to absolute bliss in Only Love is the reason why this multi talented singer songwriter rose to fame. His follow up EP of Burgh Island was equally successful, if a little darker. All of his work has just been astounding, and his ability to mix up his incredible voice with improvisational guitar skills has led him to being one of my favourite artists of recent years. Check out his incredible Brits performance here, and let’s all hail the great Ben.

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