5 Brilliant Exercise Songs for your Work-Out

Just so much energy you guys.

Just so much energy you guys.


Motivation, motivation, motivation. This goes out to my sister who’s going to be running the London marathon soon. And all those people struggling against the daily gym grind. I sympathise. These are mostly remixes but they’re good remixes, chumps.

1) I Need Your Love (Chris Coast & Chumpion remix) – Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding:

This adds a hearty dose of energy to an already pretty energetic track, adding a We Found Love ecstasy to the Harris-Goulding collab (that’s surely going to top a chart soon, right?). The remix neatly delays the chorus’ drop for maximum satisfaction, not frustration. Check out Chris Coast updates at his facebook.

I feel the EXACT same way after the gym

I feel the EXACT same way after the gym

2) Summertime Sadness(Ryan Hemsworth) – Lana Del Rey

More of a slow-burner but there’s something to be said for a calm-down during your cool-down, right? Or save it for your stretches. Or the car-ride home. Or the walk to the gym. I don’t know your routine. But I do know this is brilliant; carefully re-organising Lana’s song to highlight her sophisticated lyricism. Who says your work-out music can’t be beautiful?


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