5 Brilliant Exercise Songs for your Work-Out


3) Love Like This (Viceroy) – Bixel Boys

Viceroy, who is like the trendiest DJ round, kills it on this Bixel Boys remix. It’s trance without the irritation and headaches. And it’s also perfect for the treadmill.

Yay for indie rock remixes

Yay for indie rock remixes

4) High Hopes (Romare) – Kodaline

How did Michael miss this one? The Romare remix of Kodaline’s High Hopes re-works an indie-rock track into a Chromeo-esque track. It’s unusual and demands listening. Which, when you’re half-way to your death on a treadmill is a pretty nice distraction.

5) Naughty By Nature (Codes Jump Up Remix) – Hip Hop Hooray 

Excellent. You need some hip hop at the gym and this fuses it with a strong bassline. Sure, it’d be more fun to listen when you’re off your face at a club. But, isn’t exercise a high in its own right? No, no it is not.

And finally, the ultimate in gym work-outs:




... it's for our 'health.'

… it’s for our ‘health.’

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