The 9 Most ‘Acceptable’ Taylor Swift Songs



Acceptable’s in quotation-marks because you’re never going to persuade everyone someone that successful is credible. But Taylor’s having a bit of A Moment right now so here are her 9 best songs to persuade the Swift sceptic in your life (this is for you, my beloved sister)/reinforce your idolisation. It’s so bite-size but it’s so catchy:

1) State of Grace

The greatest U2 song Taylor Swift ever wrote. It’s lyrical brilliance, pop grandeur and perfect intimacy all at once:

She’s come a long way from this:


2) You Belong With Me

Her most perfect pop song yet. Always on the bleachers, never the bride.

3) The Best Day

This is the song I listen to when I bake cookies (which is rare, and maybe imaginary). This will make you feel better. This begs the question, though: What does Taylor Swift listen to when she bakes cookies.

Anticipatory gif

Anticipatory gif

4) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Harry Styles who? No, but seriously this is good. Perfecting valley-girl speak and creating an insanely catchy hook isn’t easy but La Swift pulled it off.

5) I Knew You Were Trouble.

The dubstep scandal that wasn’t. This is the Taylor jam you’re most likely to hear in a club. And know all the words to.

Conclusive gif

Conclusive gif

6) Fifteen

The song that launched a thousand ‘Poor Abigails.’ Seriously, poor Abigail. This song perfectly captures all your fifteen-feels.

8) Dear John

Yikes, this is a burn and a half. Whoever this is about (and it might not be about that John) ought to feel ashamed. Or embarrassed for her. Maybe both.

8) Enchanted

The second cookie-baking song here. This is great; a head-over-heels romance that’s one of Taylor’s very very very best.

9) Back To December

Taylor apologises! This is so emotional but surprisingly restrained. Brilliant video, too:

And finally, because you know she’s never going to escape this one:

tumblr_m857bgRYeD1ry0js8o1_500Baby, just yes. Already.



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