The 5 best Lana Del Rey remixes

Lana Del Remix

Lana Del Remix

I trawled through her SoundCloud page for hours. For you. And for music.

1) Blue Jeans (Swims and Belle Remix ft. Azealia Banks) – LDR

Oh, this works. The ‘I know’ refrain at around thirty seconds lets you know you’re in safe territory. Here’s the thing about LDR. Often her lyrics are indulgent and a little convoluted. But that’s also what makes them brilliant. These remixes work because they take out these lyrics, shove them under a microscope and find out what works. In this, it’s the echo of ‘say you remember’ and ‘gangster.’ This is perfectly formed (only three minutes!) and probably the best on the list.

2) Born to Die (Woodkid & The Shoes) – LDR

Or maybe this is. Look, I’m a sucker for a martial drum-beat. It’s so so so clever to put one in here that I can’t quite believe LDR’s producers didn’t for the original song. Woodkid is brilliant, and The Shoes are producing great music, so it’s not all that surprising. But they’ve injected this song with an energy that just seems profoundly lacking from the original now. None of the vulnerable tenderness has left though in their version, instead it’s heightened in comparison to the added beat.

National Anthem (Todd Terry Radio) – LDR

Oh, funky. This was made for late-night radio (which is either disconcertingly loud or worryingly soporific) with its sped-up beat and urgent chorus. This would kill at a certain type of club, if not your car radio.

Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix) – LDR

LDR’s cover of Blue Velvet is so luscious – I’m at my most self-indulgent when I listen to it – that this remix’s careful tinkering is appreciated. The first minute is all ums and ahs but they don’t grate (unless you don’t like her music which, well, this is the fourth remix I’m listing already). The rest is finely tuned and though purists won’t like the lack of well, singing, it’s a nice breather.

Videogames (Phoenix Alive, Monarchy) – LDR

This Monarchy remix is just great. The vocals work in a lower tone, and the dreamy original totally transfers to a 4/4 beat. This would have done just as well if released to the public in this format. Maybe even better because you know, LDR, fake-daddy’s girl-lip enhancing-moody bitch.



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