6 reasons why music in the UK has never been better

His hair is just magnificent

His hair is just magnificent

Quit your moaning, because for every Gangnam Style that infects our beloved Top 40, there’s a whole load of quality British artists raising it to new heights. Don’t believe me? Just read on and see.

1) Bastille/Dan Smith’s Hair

How many times have we warned you about Bastille blowing up? Enough that his success should have been not so much hoped for, but expected. The only thing worth hoping is that his hair lasts with his fame.


2) Disclosure

Full disclosure: I’m unbelievably jealous of Elliot and his lovely lady seeing these boys smash it up last week. Born and bred British and with tons of talent.

the 1975

3) The 1975

My boys. So unbelievably talented and so clearly destined for fame even back in Drive Like I Do days, me and my mum are equally delighted/depressed at how big they’ve got. 24 in the charts!!

Tom Odell

4) Tom Odell

If this is the future of British pop music, I can’t wait. Delightful pianos and massive vocals make Odell’s music epic-beautiful.

Ben Howard

5) Ben Howard

Ben’s my boy, he’s Elliot’s boy but he’s NOT Henry’s boy. However we’re all agreed that, as long as Ben usurps Ed Sheeran from his ridiculous position as this country’s favourite singer-songwriter, we’re going to be happy boys.


6) Ellie Goulding

The girl that conquered America, and the queen of this wave of femtronica. If she’s good enough for the States/Skrillex, she’s definitely good enough for our charts.

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  1. Henry E-W says:

    I heard Bastille are secretly Illumanati…

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