Remember that time we interviewed Bastille?

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

I was going to make this post a Nines and call it ‘9 Things We Were Right About Before They Happened’ but I couldn’t find 8 others. Okay, maybe Gotye? Kodaline are doing pretty well. fun. went onto win like, all the Grammys. But Bastille now have a number 1 album and we were definitely there before well, your neighbour had heard of them. Anyway, Jonah first took notice way back in February 2011. But most excitingly, we got to interview Dan from Bastille that June.  You can check out the whole interview here but I’ve got some choice extracts after the jump:

1) On being called Bastille:

‘I was born on Bastille day. My friend suggested it, and I’d spent ages trying to think of a band name so I went with it. Now I’ve grown to really like it.’

That’s just helpful.

2) On his musical influences:

‘That’s difficult, I’ve got no idea. When I started writing songs I really liked Regina Spektor’s songwriting, but I wouldn’t say that what I’m doing now is anywhere near to that. When I wrote some of these songs I guess I’d been listening to the production of a lot of New York bands like Grizzly Bear and Vampire Weekend. Then again I’m probably quite influenced by older singer songwriters like Elton John. Sorry, what a rubbish answer.’

And this is just interesting. Spektor’s not the furthest influence lyrically (at all) but Grizzly Bear is surprising. There’s some of the upbeat indie-pop-rock that Vampire Weekend perfected on Contra, though.

3) On playing live:

‘I’m really enjoying playing live, especially as we play more and more and build up some experience. We just did a tour with 4 other bands called The River Rat Pack Tour. We all lived together on a boat for 8 days and travelled up the Thames, playing in a different town each night. It was brilliant.’

Well that’s just helpful considering his career path.

4) On cover versions:

‘The first time I heard a cover of one of my songs I nearly fell of my chair. It was such a surreal experience hearing someone I’ve never met, miles and miles away, singing something that I wrote in my bedroom. I’ve got quite a few favourites, but the rooftop Trombone version of Flaws is amazing.’

Well now I need to hear this trombone version.

5) On where he’d like to be in five years time (it’s been two):

‘Hopefully I’ll be able to make a bunch of albums that people like, and then tour them around the world. But who knows. For the time being I think it would just be great to make a living doing music.’

So far, this is going to plan.



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