3 highlights from Usher’s acting career

Pop's leading thesp

Pop’s leading thesp

Before he was Usher: The popstar, he was Usher: The actor. He was Justin Timberlake version 1 (or maybe JT is Usher 2.0), and the dopest Oscar bait since George Chakiris in West Side Story (never forget). Take a gander at his three finest moments on screen.

An Important Film

An Important Film

1) Unnamed campus DJ in She’s All That

This film is a classic (hilarious, the quote they pulled for the IMDB poster is the outrageously vague: ‘The Best Film In Ages’). There are almost too many brilliant people in it. Lil Kim shows up. So does a way younger Anna Paquin. And before he became part of Hollywood’s most successful movie franchise about cars, Paul Walker showed his face. But there was no-one in it cooler than Usher Raymond. On re-watching this recently, I literally screamed at the television. Usher, hilariously, plays the campus DJ who is like, the coolest campus DJ ever. Seriously, here’s him at the prom:

He taught you that dance, motherfuckers. Usher is a teacher. That dance is actually pretty cool though. If only I were so co-ordinated when drunk.

Choice quote: ‘Split like the red sea.’

Sweet jesus.

Sweet jesus.

2) Randolph Douglas Scipio in Texas Rangers

I fuck you not. That was his name. This was the film where Usher was gloriously reunited with She’s All That’s Rachel Leigh Cook so you must not smirk. Also cast were Alfred Molina, Ashton Kutcher (!!!!!) and amazingly, James Van Der Beek. How this film didn’t become an insta-classic, I’ll never know. Tragically, I can’t find any clips of this so you’ll have to make do with the trailer:

Amazingly I do actually have the DVD (I was going to watch with my sister last night but we opted for S.W.A.T instead. Also in the running: Dr T And All The Women and Mona Lisa Smile. It was a weird night.) so when I watch it, I’ll report back.

A cast of legends

A cast of legends

3) The ‘Love Doctor’ in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Oh. My. God. This is the best thing that has ever happened. Scenario: Sabrina is afraid because Josh told her he loves her. Result: the most contrived, but best tie-in ever. Usher is the Love Doctor and it’s the most soulful thing ever. I don’t want to spoil anything, so just go ahead and watch.

I mean, right? Right. There are so many great things about this. The coat, the back-up nurses, Melissa Joan Hart’s singing; it’s like God woke and needed to prove that happiness was pure, and great, and probably confined to the 90s. 

If you know of any other moments of Usher on film, I beg of you let me know. I need to know, the website needs to know. But most importantly, the world needs to know.


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