5 songs for the sun, sea & sand


Finals are dragging me down right now, but my one saving grace getting me through days otherwise filled with compensating variation, deadweight loss (Oxford Comma?) and the Glorious Revolution is the thought of going home to the beach in a few days. One of the most important parts of beach preparation is the playlist. When all your friends show up tan and beach ready and you’ve been withering away in the dim light of Chicago, you’ll at least have something going for you when you pull out your iPod. This list features the five songs that will be at the top of my beach playlist come Friday, Corona not included.

1. Red Red Wine – UB40

This might mark a milestone as the first time I’ve posted something by a British artist, and I’m glad UB40 gets that distinction. The reggae bounce will mesh oh so well with the sound of waves breaking as you close your eyes and allow the sun to beat down on you. Maybe if you’re lucky you can have some red wine close to you on the beach and forget all that ails you.

2. Tell It Straight (Pete Rock Remix) – Aer and Guy Harrison

Aer is a duo out of Massachusetts that really works to bring the beach to suburbia. They’ve gotten me through many dreary days in Chicago. Not the most consequential subject matter here, blunts and summer adventures, but when you’re at the beach you shouldn’t have anything big on your mind anyway Here they hop on some classic Pete Rock production and give it the remix treatment that it deserves.

Download here

3. Sunshine – Atmosphere

This is my favorite summer song of all time. With “Ain’t no way to explain or say…” it contains perhaps the second most common Facebook hangover status lyrics of all time (after “Sunglasses and Advil”). The rapper Slug just goes in for three and a half minutes about how good the sunlight and fresh air feels over a relaxed, bouncy piano beat. The fact that the subject matter of this song deals with getting over a hangover with fresh air is not lost on me either. Rest assured that I will fight more than a few hangovers with a dose of sand and “Sunshine” over break.

4. Good Day – Nappy Roots

This song has posed a great existential question to me, does orange kool-aid actually go good with Patron? I hope that I never find out, but I’ll still listen to this song on repeat at the beach. Nothing but good vibes are allowed near the water, so Good Day fits perfectly. It’s the little things that make a good day.

5. The Recipe  (feat. Dr. Dre) – Kendrick Lamar

I might be biased since I’m going back to California, but the beaches around the globe offer up the best of two of the song’s tenets: women and weather. Kendrick and Dre rap a flowery ode to their homeland, and who am I to disagree. One of the best feelings at the beach is sitting back with your friends just bobbing your head to the melodic Twin Sister sample. What more can I say? Welcome to CA.

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