LIVE: The 1975 @ Subterranean

the1975aI think we’ve run out of new pictures of The 1975 to use in our blog posts, so  I’m going to gamble and use this golden oldie. With the four piece rock band over in the USA for the first time, and with me, myself and I comfortably revising for exams in Chicago, we seemed a match made in heaven on a freezing cold Chicago evening.

After listening to The Break, a local Chicago band who opened for the guys, The 1975 came on stage to rapturous applause. They were clearly shocked at how many people in the USA knew about them and started off an awesome set by playing The City. Lead singer Matt Healy was the epitome of the ‘grungy Manchester rock star,’ wearing a T-Shirt that was much to big for him and sporting an oddball haircut.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the gig was when the band announced that they wanted to play new material for their upcoming album. Robbers, a track Michael wrote about  when the band still operated under the name of Drive Like I Do, was a huge hit with the crowd and will probably appear on the band’s debut. The other new songs focused on a mixture between slow drum beats coupled with Healy’s genuine voice, and faster rock anthems with an electronic twist. Then of course, there were the classics. Healy said “This is a song about sex… It’s called Sex,” before bursting into one of their most well known tunes.

In their performance, the band showed maturity and an understanding about how to work a crowd. They are definitely worth going to see live. Something about hearing their music engulf the room is incredible. To top off how quickly they are getting popular, here’s a video my friend who accompanied me to the show sent me. He is in Kansas:

The 1975 on Kansas Radio


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