7 of the best things Glee’s done in season 4 (again)


Glee’s been super solid this season. They’ve tried out new things, perfected old things and still working the hell out of Santana being a thing. With only five episodes to go, let’s take a look at the best things about Glee season 4.

1) Jumping on the Tegan and Sara hype train.

If you like their shtick (and many people do), Tegan and Sara’s streamlined Heart Throb was pretty great. Glee covered their hit (they have hits now!) Closer as a … closer to an episode. It worked really well and it was just really fun. Speaking of…

2) Staying on the fun. hype train.

This train’s been going for a while (they won GRAMMYS and everything) but kudos to Glee for recognising Some Nights as pop gold. Their cover was neat, and pure season 1:

3) Making NYC work.

I don’t have Girls anymore so I need Glee’s New York. It’s slightly (ever so slightly) grittier than Lima, Ohio and it’s awesome. It’s totally integrated now and NYADA is this shady, cut-throat place with like, only a few smoky rooms where people rehearse. It’s brilliant.

4) Making sex a non-deal.

Yeah, that episode last season where people lost their respective virginities was cute. But it’s nice that sex isn’t as a big deal now. Because people change and so do their values. And there’s something to be said for a show that portrays young people thinking about sex casually while not being horny sex-addicts. Points for level-headedness is what I’m getting at.

5) Breaking everyone up.

Look, we all know how everyone’s going to end up. It’s a tale as old as time. But breaking them up allowed characters to flourish in ways that were more interesting than simply becoming a better, or worse boyfriend, or girlfriend. There’s also something to  be said for having relationships that aren’t set in stone but are about development and growing. You don’t always have to marry everyone who makes for a killer duet-partner.

6) Hooking up the dead hooker from Homeland.

Marley is cool! And she has this great radio-friendly voice that rocks. Also, Homeland. I miss ya, dude.

7) Not having the universe depend on Regionals/Sectionals/Nationals.

Competitions have taken up like, one episode this season. And sure there’s the odd mention that they have to get to the lunch hall on time so they can save time, meaning that their costumes will be better which means they will win Nationals, and then the universe. But the whole season hasn’t centered upon The Importance of Nationals. It’s been a really delightfully fluid, non-focused narrative.

Okay, well done Glee. Byeeeeee.



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