Julian – Say Lou Lou

auto_a5c7f132-1b31-c271-6a6c-d12514b50b33saylouloumainI’m excited by these two lovely ladies. The two Swedes have just released their new track Julian, and I’ve already played it… let’s see… 36 times. Following the success that Bastille and The 1975 are currently experiencing after we knew it would happen all along, perhaps it’s best to listen to us, eh?

Julian is a dream. You can see why it has been labelled ‘chillwave,’ ‘dreampop,’ and all other make-believe genres that sound like cheesy names for drugs. This song is beautifully relaxing with hints of sophistication in its harmonies and electric guitar solos. These two are definitely a duo to watch, and it’s just a shame that they have only so far released two songs (Maybe You is the other one, and it’s also fantastic). I predict big things for them. Here’s an acoustic version of Julian that is also, frankly, incredible:

AND if you still haven’t had enough, which I hadn’t at this point, here’s the video for Maybe You:

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