My Simple (Remix) – F. Stokes feat. Huey Mack


Huey Mack, West Virginia University’s most famous student, comes back with another remix. I’d never heard of F. Stokes before Huey gave his song “My Small Town in the USA” the remix treatment, but I’m glad that I stumbled onto him and the rest of his Sound. I’m sure you’re thinking “Who the fuck is this kid? Putting an ode to American small towns on an English blog?” Well I used the alternate title, “My Simple,” on the post for a reason. Misleading advertising may be underhanded, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you hear this song, which is just simply good music.

Huey Mack and F. Stokes both hail from small American towns in the heartland, so I’d consider them an authority on the subject. After hearing them wax poetic for three and a half minutes about Americana, I think that these two could turn Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie onto the simple life (dated reference).

Huey and his small town friends going big on St. Patrick’s day a couple years ago:

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