Yoko – Pegasus Bridge

Pretty standard bench, but with more Sass

Pretty standard bench, but with more Sass

I look back to an old favourite that has become my coupley song ( if you ever really want to seduce me, come at me with a Ukelele and the lyrics to this gem. ) Find out why with the thrilling tale inside!

So I first heard Pegasus Bridge when I was about 16, I remember it because for about a week I played it incessantly as I did all of my Art GCSE stuff at school. Pegasus Bridge were a Manchester based band who sadly split up in 2011 due to conflicting ideas about the band’s progression. I was always a big fan, their Yoko/Paris EP was a favourite of mine, but it wasn’t until this year that I really got into this song.

Kudos has to go to my girlfriend here for showing me the acoustic version of this song. Upon walking into hers I heard this playing, and overcome by the fact that she actually had good music taste and I wouldn’t have to put up with Capital on loop for the next year in Halls, I was pretty buzzing. It has come along to be our song. There’s a lot to like about this song. Obviously it charts the life of Yoko Ono, (not that I really want to compare my relationship to John and Yoko’s) but it’s the general musical arrangements here. Lead singer Alex Howick has a wonderful voice, softly spoken but backed up by that acoustic backdrop that compliments him perfectly. Nerdy coupley post done, I promise to return with more gangsta beats as you’ve come to expect of me tomorrow.

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