4 reasons why Jimmy Fallon music is the best


So I’ve recently become pretty obsessed with Jimmy Fallon, and in particular his always amazing musical skits. Check out why these are a chat show revelation.

1) Carly Rae Jepsen ft. The Roots – Call Me Maybe

Pretty adorable, I know.

Pretty adorable, I know.

So Carly Rae Jepsen has basically set herself up for life with the ridiculously catchy Call Me Maybe, but this is a pretty fresh take on the whole thing. I’m a massive fan of The Roots, and here they just totally jazz up this song, and add a whole new dimension to Carly. She seems to have a lot more scope to work with here, and just seems pretty cool in the process. It helps that this is also one of my favourite songs to jam to anyway.


2. Mariah Carey ft The Roots – All I Want For Christmas

Take me back to a month where it's appropriate to always play this

Take me back to a month where it’s appropriate to always play this

Mariah Carey is pretty well known as a huge diva, and we’ve previously covered this (when Henry STOLE my Christmas songs idea, but I’m not bitter about that any more ) but it doesn’t make it any less fun. The kids here are just adorable, and I love the whole idea of using kids instruments throughout. Mariah still has a set of pipes on her, and this just fits so nicely with The Roots style. Keep this up, and keep giving me family occasion appropriate music that I also happen to like.


3. Anything to do with The Ragtime Gals

Classy mo fos

Classy mo fos

Barbershop Quartets are the epitome of class. Say what you will, those hats are dope money. Jimmy’s group are the absolute business. Obviously they are all really good singers (I’m really impressed by Jimmy’s ability) and above all, they just choose fun stuff to cover. Here with a great Shaggy rendition they combine a childhood classic of mine (was so before my time #trendsetter) with some sweet notes and catchy a capella-ing.

4. The History of Rap w/ Justin Timberlake

The photo above says it all. Fallon and Timberlake are bros. God I wish I was their bro… There is nothing I can say that will be as awesome as the video so I may as well shut up now. Enjoy.



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