#Music is #Legit. #ThatSeemedExcessive



Despite my 5 hashtag uses in about 7 words, this is a serious post. #Music (last one I promise) is going to be massive, I guarantee it. Myspace 2.0? #Potential (I lied.)

So Twitter is pretty much the biggest social network site there is right now. The ability to connect with your favourite artists is already a massive plus on Twitter, and now they’re making a stand alone app to connect its users to music already being discussed on the site. By using people you follow, the app will recommend songs to you and even stream these through to you iTunes, Spotify or Rdio. Yeah, so that’s the best idea I’ve heard in forever.

At time of writing I can’t seem to download this on my iPhone, but it is set to launch soon in the States, UK etc. Prepare for this to be massive, as more than half of all twitter users follow at least one musician, and their tweets and such will be scanned by the app to locate suitable music. I am incredibly interested to see how this will work.

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