After Monday comes Tunesday: Songs Recently on Repeat


The gorgeous Emi Meyer

I understand if you’re upset with me, really I do. I don’t deserve you. How can I expect to leave for so long and come back like nothing happened? The answer is: health. Sometimes health has to take a priority over music (shocking I know), but I hope you can forgive me as with my return I am convinced you will find some gorgeous new tunes to help you get over pain in your heart that my absence created.

Galaxy’s Skirt – Emi Meyer

I am seriously looking forward to the release of Emi Meyer’s latest LP (25th June) after hearing the title track. A beautiful piano accompaniment to her gentle voice makes this song a must have.

First Snow – Emancipator

Now let’s get into some instrumental stuff. If you ever needed a soundtrack to being awesome, then this it. Emancipator’s music is ambient and cinematic. There’s a song for every situation and they are all a joy to listen to.

Stay (Marius Horsturz Edit) – Rihanna

There are a ton of Stay remixes floating around at the moment, but I’ve gotta say this is my favorite. There are some awesome electronic harmonies in here, and I believe that the original nostalgic tone of the song is maintained. There’s also a free download link here. Nice job, Marius.

Get Ahead – Different Sleep

While we’re on electronic, you should definitely check out Different Sleep’s ambient chillout tune, Get Ahead. This one is so laid back it will put you to sleep, and not in a bad way.

Everyone Seems To Be In On Something – Wintercoats

Another soothing tune. Wintercoats softly make their mark with a warm and comforting track that is sure to be a metaphorical mug of hot coco to you when you need it most.

That’s all from me for now folks, enjoy your week!

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