Soliloquy – Zomby


Moody producer and all-round anonymous electronic craftsman Zomby is back with his third record ‘With Love’ later this year. Check out one of the newly released singles from it below:

My favourite thing about Zomby is the fact that it’s pretty difficult to pigeon-hole  him into a single genre.  After the nostalgic rave sounds of his debut ‘Where Were You In ’92’, he followed up with a completely subdued, nocturnal release in the form of ‘Dedication’, featuring sounds more akin to the early hours of the morning after the party rather than the hedonistic hyperactivity of the first record.

Having heard the melancholy title track of ‘With Love’, it seems set to be a mix of Zomby’s previous efforts; a 33 track double-album that runs across many of the sub-genres of electronic music that have been formed in recent years. ‘Soliloquy’ harks back to a more upbeat sound, but rather than go all out on the aggressive synth stabs, Zomby lets the track roll along with its muted piano intro and industrial techno influenced minimal drum beat with an Actress-inspired bassline. If most of the album sounds like ‘Soliloquy’ then we’re set for a record that perfectly balances Zomby’s talents for making dark, unusual music.

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