Get Lucky – Daughter

Suitably sombre

Suitably sombre

While all the buzz is around the return of Daft Punk and their big new summer tune, Daughter offers their own twist on the tune in a typically Daughter heart wrenching style.


So the last time we wrote about Daughter was way back in March last year,, and there has been a lot of progress from the trio here. They have just released a debut album, If You Leave, and has been met with pretty universal praise. It’s on my to do list for this week (oh and revise), especially after a song as beautiful as this one.

Coming onto the live lounge of BBC1, a haven for beautiful acoustic covers, such as the fabulous Ben Howard rendition of Call Me Maybe, here Daughter covers the new Daft Punk song. There is something majestic about the way in which this song totally becomes their own. Each lengthened chord, each sombre note coming from Elena Tonra’s mouth, each slow and forceful drum kick, they all unite to bring a tour de force which is just something so different to the original and also so beautiful. Get Lucky and give this a listen.

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