5 things to love about Chance’s Acid Rap


This album cover hasn't really been off my iTunes since it dropped

This album cover hasn’t really been off my iTunes since it dropped

Chance has finally come good as I knew he would with this mixtape, and there are 5 reasons in particular why this mix is the way forward for hip hop right now. Chance is about to explode. Big time.

1. He dropped Acid Rap

I know this sounds like a pretty obviously point, but am I the only one who still finds this a pretty funny joke? That sense of humour, mixed with the massive Twitter plug that Chance has set up for the album, mean that I was beyond hyped for its release. I must have sent about 8 tweets his way that day BEGGING for it to release, so when it did come good, I just spent my whole day listening to Chance. .(I mean revising Mum.)

2. His lyrics are absolutely off the wall

Chance has come out here and just rhymed some unbelievable lyrics. A personal favourite you ask? “Nightly searches for a bed and I just came off tour with Troy.” Community reference is always going to be good in my eyes, and linking in his recent warming up for Childish on tour is a great shot.

3. Gambino and co. making cameos

Two of the best up and comers. And a random white man.

Two of the best up and comers. And a random white man.

Gambino, Action Bronson, Twista. These are all big names, and it says a lot that they all lend verses to Chance’s mix. Especially big fan of Gambino’s contribution on Favorite Song which may well be my favourite (yes, I spell it with a u) on the whole tape. This is the sort of Gambino I want releasing more music.

4. There’s a lot of range here

We get the blasting horns section, kicking it all of in a vibrant mood on Good Ass Intro. There’s a lot here to get me amped and jumping, listening to Juice and Favorite Song in particular. But then there’s a lot to mellow down and just kick it to. Acid Rain is a lovely chilled out tune, and Chain Smoker has drawn a lot of attention as his best tune on the mix. (He also cites Frank Ocean, what a collaboration that would be!)

5. It gets better every time

Honestly. Give yourself a couple of minutes to download it, and tonight or whenever you get a chance, just jam to it. Listen to it, enjoy it. Then do it again tomorrow. And I guarantee you will have an even better experience with it. And again the next day. Chance deserves every success that comes his way, download his mix here on his site.



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